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The Future of Advertising is a Bright Idea 31 January 2007

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According to a new report by the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) advertising agencies will have to reinvent themselves if they are to survive the advertising landscape of the future.

The Future of Advertising and Agencies: A 10 Year Perspective, which looks at the future shape of the advertising industry and marketing services sector, predicts that as non-traditional areas of marketing communications activity grow, agencies must exploit these emerging trends or risk ‘shrinking’ their business.

As traditional advertising faces the threat of spiralling down the slippery slope into ineffective oblivion, it will become vital for agencies as well as those working within the marketing services sector to focus on the consumer. After all, it seems that it is increasingly the buyer who is speeding into the driving seat.

The IPA report says it will become harder to reach tomorrow’s consumers. So getting the right brand message across will be crucial. And, in order to do that, it’s imperative that you value your prospects…

Now there’s a bright idea:know thy reader like the back of your hand. Your target market is king (and queen). If you want to carry out an effective marketing campaign, you really do have to carry out substantial customer analysis and market research. It’s what I spend the most time on with my client projects.

Ultimately, the report is all about adaptability and reinvention being key to the future success of the creative sector. (You only have to look at the likes of Madonna, Paul Simon and, lately, Microsoft to see the efficacy of reinvention.)

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Silence No Longer an Option

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If you were as fed up with all those silent calls as I was last year, you’ll be glad to know that they should become a thing of the past…

Ofcom (Office of Communications) has dished out fines amounting to £152,500 to the four biggest offenders. These operators routinely ignored the 3% limit on making ‘silent calls’ – which occur when dialling systems generate more calls than staff can handle, and you’re left with a ‘hanging’ line.

While the four biggies won’t necessarily feel the pinch of the fines, it’s a start in the right direction.

If you continue to receive silent calls, then do as I do; I put the phone on hands-free for a while and go and make a cup of tea. 😉

Source: Brand Republic

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A Quick Way to Boost Web Traffic & Get More Leads 30 January 2007

There’s a really low-cost and fairly simple way to increase your page hits and your sales – write and distribute articles.

It needn’t be time-consuming or difficult, either.

Even better, it’s a fantastic method of spreading the word about you – building an online reputation as an expert in your field.

I began distributing my own articles online a few years ago, and qualified prospects are still coming to me through my articles today.

Here’s how it works:

1. You write or get a ‘ghost-writer‘ to write an outstanding article on a topic that your target market is really interested in. (Warning: Be sure to check out your chosen ghost-writers’ credentials and samples, if you’re going to go down this route. Genuine ghost-writers are worth a fortune in gold for what they can do for you, but there are a lot of wannabes or charlatans out there who are worth ten a penny and won’t do you any favours.) If you do write the article yourself, get someone to proofread and/or edit it for style, sense, typos, etc.

2. Write – or get someone to write for you – a short ‘author bio’ or ‘resource box’. This sits at the foot of the article and tells readers who you are, what you do and includes a live hyperlink that links back to your website. It also includes your copyright mark.

3. Distribute it to online directories such as and Here, you are giving ezine publishers and the like permission to use your articles, as long as they keep it intact and publish your resource box.

4. Sit back (or get on with other aspects of running your business!) and watch the traffic, leads and sales come to you.

This way you will find just how quickly one single article can easily become a really useful viral marketing tool for you, as it is picked up by websites, newsletters and even blogs. Just make sure your resource box has a live link that points back to your site.

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Does Long Copy Sell More? 26 January 2007

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I was reading an interesting debate on Ecademy over long copy versus short copy for sales and marketing (including online) copy.

As a trained copywriter (a ‘closer in print’), I have always been led to believe that long copy will always outperform short copy, with a few exceptions. Research and statistics certainly substantiate this.

However, the consensus on long copy in the debate was that many people believe long copy simply would not get read, especially if that copy is on the ‘fast-paced’ internet, where people don’t have the time or patience “to work past the first few sentences”.

Suspicion surrounding the authenticity of the products/services ‘sold’ or highlighted in these ‘long copy’ form of marketing materials were also brought into question.

The reality is, IF you target your market properly (and know it inside and out), then people WILL read long copy. When it comes to online long copy, then you will generally find that those who are genuinely interested in what you are offering often demand MORE information!

The qualities of good copy – long or short – are: it has to be believable, the copy has to read and flow well, it has to be relevant to your target audience and it has to hold the interest of the reader.

If your copy doesn’t satisfy these basics, then people will NOT read your carefully crafted marketing piece – no matter how long or short it is.

How can you capitalise on this? Test, test, and test. Try your ‘products’ page with long copy, then after several months, try it with short copy. See which one performs the best. Same for all your online, and offline, marketing efforts.

PS I’m keeping this short because it’s a blog post. Doh! But if you wish to swing on over to my website see plenty of long copy examples.

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I’m a Finalist!

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I received one of the most welcome messages this week: I’ve been chosen as one of the finalists in the Xchangeteam Freelancer of the Year Awards. Whoopee-woo!!

Methinks some of my clients have a hand in this, and I would like to thank you (please let me know who you are, so I can thank you properly!) from the bottom of my heart. Without you, I wouldn’t even be a successful freelance copywriter, let alone a finalist in this prestigious award. Oh, my Goodness, I am positively bouncing on cloud 9 right now!

Xchangeteam launched the 2006 Xchangeteam Freelancer of the Year Awards, in association with Brand Republic, to “showcase some of the outstanding work that has been carried out over the past 12 months by freelancers for their clients.”

As far as I know, these are the only national awards dedicated to freelancers offering marketing and creative services.

The winners will be announced on 30 January. Due to serious illness, here’s one freelancer who will be missing out on the champers… ;-(

Good luck to all!



MediaMinister Launches New Tool for Marketing Success 25 January 2007

[NEWS, Brighton, UK] The lack of marketing know-how, budgets or time investment is one of the major headaches for the solopreneur and small business-owner. But MediaMinister, a Sussex-based consultancy, has solved this global problem.

MediaMinister has discovered a way of reducing wasted marketing opportunities, with the potential to amplify profits for clients, by way of a new tool being launched on> today (25 January 2007).

Advanced ‘pre-launch’ orders of the new MediaMinister Makeover™ service exceeded the original supply, with positive feedback flowing in. However, the company can now guarantee availability worldwide over the internet.

“The MediaMinister Makeover™ eliminates the reasons why entrepreneurs and small businesses often get stuck with their marketing or advertising efforts,” says Tracey Dooley, founder of “When you consider that changing just one mistake can turn around sales copy by as much as a whopping 800%, it makes sense to get your marketing, advertising and other sales pieces transformed by a seasoned pro into copy that successfully sells.”

The new service will launch online today, and comes with free follow-up support.

For further details, or to book your marketing makeover, visit

• The MediaMinister ( website offers agencies, solopreneurs, non-profits and businesses of all sizes five core services:

1. Results-oriented marketing consultancy and coaching.
2. Editorial and proofreading expertise/consultancy.
3. PR, including offline and online media coverage.
4. Copywriting and critiquing for advertising, brochures, direct mail, ezines, websites and more.
5. Online marketing help, including reworking website copy for more impact.


Notes to Editors

1. For further information contact Tracey Dooley on 0845 644 2932. Email:

2. Tracey is available for interviews. Please use the contact information above to arrange an interview/photo shoot.

3. Tracey “Word Doctor” Dooley originally qualified as an equestrian manageress until she reignited her passion for writing. She is a trained and qualified journalist, PR executive, copywriter, editor, proofreader and marketing mentor, coach and professional speaker. For more information, visit

4. This release is available as a PDF and a Word document, with or without pictures. Please email if you would like either.

(This release may be reproduced free of charge provided MediaMinister’s contact details [but not live email] and [live, if online] URL are included)


Dawg Gone It! 23 January 2007

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When I get stressed, need to brainstorm ideas for a new branding project or just fancy a break, I take my dog for a walk. Often, that is when I will come up with my best headlines or marketing ideas for my clients.

But as well as being stimulating for the brain, hanging out with ‘Rover’ can be good for your health. Apart from when he insists on licking you all over your face when you come home! 😉

Research continues to pour in on the benefits of companion animals, stating how stroking a dog, for instance, can help you recover faster from a serious illness. Generally, the researchers say, pet-owners tend to be happier than their I’m-not-having-a-stinky-pet counterparts.

Beats sitting in front of a bright light when faced with the dark, grey skies of winter, too.

Another benefit of owning – and, yes, you do have to give them some petting from time to time – a dog or cat is that when you give them a stroke, your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, easing stress and promoting a relaxed state. For you, not the dog. Although, he obviously benefits as well!

So, whether you need to de-stress, can’t think of a winning headline for your next promotion or just fancy some time out, reach for your companion animal. Better still; give some of those poor creatures in the shelters some attention.

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