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MediaMinister Launches New Tool for Marketing Success 25 January 2007

[NEWS, Brighton, UK] The lack of marketing know-how, budgets or time investment is one of the major headaches for the solopreneur and small business-owner. But MediaMinister, a Sussex-based consultancy, has solved this global problem.

MediaMinister has discovered a way of reducing wasted marketing opportunities, with the potential to amplify profits for clients, by way of a new tool being launched on> today (25 January 2007).

Advanced ‘pre-launch’ orders of the new MediaMinister Makeover™ service exceeded the original supply, with positive feedback flowing in. However, the company can now guarantee availability worldwide over the internet.

“The MediaMinister Makeover™ eliminates the reasons why entrepreneurs and small businesses often get stuck with their marketing or advertising efforts,” says Tracey Dooley, founder of “When you consider that changing just one mistake can turn around sales copy by as much as a whopping 800%, it makes sense to get your marketing, advertising and other sales pieces transformed by a seasoned pro into copy that successfully sells.”

The new service will launch online today, and comes with free follow-up support.

For further details, or to book your marketing makeover, visit

• The MediaMinister ( website offers agencies, solopreneurs, non-profits and businesses of all sizes five core services:

1. Results-oriented marketing consultancy and coaching.
2. Editorial and proofreading expertise/consultancy.
3. PR, including offline and online media coverage.
4. Copywriting and critiquing for advertising, brochures, direct mail, ezines, websites and more.
5. Online marketing help, including reworking website copy for more impact.


Notes to Editors

1. For further information contact Tracey Dooley on 0845 644 2932. Email:

2. Tracey is available for interviews. Please use the contact information above to arrange an interview/photo shoot.

3. Tracey “Word Doctor” Dooley originally qualified as an equestrian manageress until she reignited her passion for writing. She is a trained and qualified journalist, PR executive, copywriter, editor, proofreader and marketing mentor, coach and professional speaker. For more information, visit

4. This release is available as a PDF and a Word document, with or without pictures. Please email if you would like either.

(This release may be reproduced free of charge provided MediaMinister’s contact details [but not live email] and [live, if online] URL are included)


2 Responses to “MediaMinister Launches New Tool for Marketing Success”

  1. Eddie Wolfe Says:

    I get tons of PLR articles, sales pages, web pages, templates….all thrown at me for free. Do you get much business….is it mainly specialist stuff?

  2. Hi Eddie

    I’m not sure I understand your question. 😉

    I get a LOT of business, yes, thanks. 🙂

    I do have specialisms – mostly healthcare, complementary health, self-improvement, equine, and IT – but can also write about and edit most topics and subject matter.



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