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A Quick Way to Boost Web Traffic & Get More Leads 30 January 2007

There’s a really low-cost and fairly simple way to increase your page hits and your sales – write and distribute articles.

It needn’t be time-consuming or difficult, either.

Even better, it’s a fantastic method of spreading the word about you – building an online reputation as an expert in your field.

I began distributing my own articles online a few years ago, and qualified prospects are still coming to me through my articles today.

Here’s how it works:

1. You write or get a ‘ghost-writer‘ to write an outstanding article on a topic that your target market is really interested in. (Warning: Be sure to check out your chosen ghost-writers’ credentials and samples, if you’re going to go down this route. Genuine ghost-writers are worth a fortune in gold for what they can do for you, but there are a lot of wannabes or charlatans out there who are worth ten a penny and won’t do you any favours.) If you do write the article yourself, get someone to proofread and/or edit it for style, sense, typos, etc.

2. Write – or get someone to write for you – a short ‘author bio’ or ‘resource box’. This sits at the foot of the article and tells readers who you are, what you do and includes a live hyperlink that links back to your website. It also includes your copyright mark.

3. Distribute it to online directories such as and Here, you are giving ezine publishers and the like permission to use your articles, as long as they keep it intact and publish your resource box.

4. Sit back (or get on with other aspects of running your business!) and watch the traffic, leads and sales come to you.

This way you will find just how quickly one single article can easily become a really useful viral marketing tool for you, as it is picked up by websites, newsletters and even blogs. Just make sure your resource box has a live link that points back to your site.

COPYRIGHT © 2007, T Dooley


2 Responses to “A Quick Way to Boost Web Traffic & Get More Leads”

  1. kabababrubarta Says:

    Cool Site! kabababrubarta

  2. Thanks, although I really can’t take the credit for the look of it: it was designed by the very talented Ghyslain Armand (thanks again, Ghyslain!).

    But of course you were also referring to the content, weren’t you? 😉

    Cheers again!

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