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Why Your Website Is Not Working… 2 February 2007

Anyone who has spent any amount of time trawling through the web will no doubt have experienced surfing inertia at some point.

One of the websites I visited yesterday wasn’t as guilty as some for boring the patience hat off me, but it did utterly confuse the heck out of me!

Let’s face it, most websites have poor architecture. Or they are boring, self-promoting, unimaginative…Or just plain wrong.

More often than not, they are way too focussed on blowing the owner’s trumpet (“We can do…” and “We are experts in…” and “Look at our results!”) or using fancy graphics to make up for the lack of informative, interesting, persuasive copy.

What I’m getting at is, if you want to build long-term, beneficial relationships with your visitors…if you need to sell via your website…if you just want the promised ROI on your online presence to materialise…then your site has to do the right kind of talking.

Always, always write with your ideal customer in mind. There, I’ve said it. You have to think like your customer, and get right inside his mindset, understand what they are looking for and why.

If your web copy isn’t compelling, focused copy, then you are just wasting everyone’s time – including yours.

As Jerry Bader of MRPwebmedia says in his on-the-ball article What Your S.E.O. Strategist Won’t Tell You, “Seduce your audience with an informative, entertaining, and memorable presentation created by marketing professionals.”

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One Response to “Why Your Website Is Not Working…”

  1. Alice Says:

    Thakns, Tracey. This is very helpful and refreshing…and I agree, you have to write for a relevant, selective audience.


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