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Not So Lonely This V Day 9 February 2007

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Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me will know what a sucker I am for all things canine – I absolutely love the spirit of the dog, along with majestic animals such as the horse and dolphin…

So imagine my joy when I discovered that the powers at the Dogs Trust – the largest dog welfare charity in the UK – has joined forces with 141 Worldwide/London to create a Valentine’s Day-themed direct mail campaign to help those dogs who can’t be rehomed.

The campaign letter is written from dog boarder Snowball, who tells readers that “this Valentine’s day, you can help turn our lonely hearts into happy hearts!” The letter is illustrated with pictures of Snowball and decorative pink hearts, highlighting the 14,000 stray and abandoned dogs that Dogs Trust helped last year. It points out that he is still waiting for that “lucky day” when he gets a new home.

So this Valentine’s Day try to give a dog a home – or at least help make their lives better by offering any contribution you can. Woof!

For more information, contact: and


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