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Put a Bit of Va-va-voom into Your Business Writing 23 February 2007

Verbs are the fuel that drives along your business communications, giving them a bit of ooomph.

Moreover, well-chosen ‘active’ verbs and ‘voices’ energise your writing. They have the ability to resurrect otherwise dead sentences and uninspiring copy that often come with the ‘passive’ voice.

Quick English lesson: The active voice denotes that something is performing an action of some kind. The passive voice is where the subject received the action in some way.

Here are two examples:

Passive: The new energy-efficient light bulbs have been approved by the Environment Agency.

Active: The Environment Agency approves the energy-efficient light bulbs.

Hopefully, you’ll agree the ‘active’ sentence is the snappier of the two. It’s more direct, too.

By using the active voice and active verbs such as ‘transform’, ‘create’, ‘explode’, ‘excite’ and ‘set free’ you will help to deliver more compelling copy as well as engage your readers and keep them motivated.

The motto? Get active wherever possible!

Agree? No way?! Let me know! 😉

COPYRIGHT © 2007, T Dooley


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