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Sad News & MediaMinister Site Down 1 March 2007

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This is Tracey Dooley’s (aka Marketing Moment) partner with sad news…

Tracey broke her back while riding on Sunday.

Her skull cap and level 3 body protector probably saved her life, and most certainly saved her from paralysis.

She wants me to tell you all that she IS OK, albeit in a severe amount of pain, and ill be taking a break from her blog until she is up and on her feet again.

She also says that if you are a horse-rider there is no excuse not to wear a body protector and hat – just do it, she says!

It seems her websites ( and ane email servers are feeling her pain – they have been down since early this morning.

If you would like to contact Tracey, then please do so via the comments section at the end of this post.

Thank you, and apologies for any inconvenience. We are working on the matter, and have been told that all should be back up and running again (apart from Tracey, bless her) within the next 2 hours.


7 Responses to “Sad News & MediaMinister Site Down”

  1. Madeleine Says:

    So sorry to hear about Tracey’s accident. Please wish her a strong and speedy recovery.

  2. Richard Says:

    This is just awful news. All the best for the speediest and fullest recovery.

  3. Thank you, Madeliene and Richard, I shall certainly pass on your good wishes.

    That is so kind of you.

    She was in a lot of pain overnight and this morning, but her stoicism is right up there and pushing back the pain as best as possible.

    I have no doubt she will recover swiftly.

    A White

  4. Alice Says:

    This is horrific news…

    I don’t know what to say, other than get well soon. And don’t let it put you off riding…


  5. Andy Says:

    Hey, Tracy, i’m trying to recover from the shock of all this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wishing you all the best for a full recovery soon.


  6. Lynn Says:

    Ooooh aah – Tracey, I feel for you. Wishing you a full and safe recovery – and take it easy! There’s no rushing broken backs as I know from experience.

    You will ride again, I am sure.

  7. Thanks, everyone! Your kind words and thoughts mean a lot to me…

    Am getting better, albeit in a slow, pained sort of way. still can’t bend and sitting in one place is argh!

    Overdid it yesterday – had to go to the hospital in a taxi (ouch!) for my liver check-up and then I got so excited about being outside that, painkiller-dosed up, I suggested to Tony that we stroll back along the beach front. Big mistake. In agony since. That’ll teach me to take things slowly. I hope.

    Talking of which. My time on the compie is up.

    Better go and follow doc’s orders.

    You take care and thanks again for your support.

    PS Just in case you’re wondering, I broke my back while riding a horse. Have been looking for one for a little while. None suited. Until this chap. He was lovely, but certainly not a jumper, as I sadly found out. It wasn’t his fault, more mine for taking a risk, I guess. Luckily, I was wearing a skull cap and body protector, although part of me wonders whether the tail end of the protector actually caused the damage… Anyway, hasn’t put me off horses at all. Will obviously be a bit worried whenever i next get on a horse. Think i need to learn how to fall off properly again, but then that will involve, well, falling off! It’s such a shame, coz the horse was a beaute – ‘the one’ i reckon. ;-(

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