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The New Rules of Marketing 6 March 2007

The new rules for marketers demand that, if you want your audience to pay attention to you, then you have to reward them with something of value. And not after the event, either, but rather as soon as they lay eyes on whatever marketing piece it is that you wish for them to see.

In other words, your core marketing message absolutely must deliver value.

This could be in the form of a free report on something that is of interest to your prospective customers. It could be a free consultation or subscription to your ezine… Anything as long as it is perceived to be of value by your target audience.

More often than not, this value will be content. Namely, the content on your web pages, or the editorial piece you published in the publication your prospects read.

So when you next update your website, or prepare to send out your new marketing piece, think, “Does this really add value for my target audience?”

If not, then rewrite it using their mindset as a point of reference.

COPYRIGHT © 2007, T Dooley

PS I’m back – huh-huh, pun intended! Having broken my back 9 days ago, I’m now in a scary contraption that is keep my back on the straight and narrow, so to speak. And I have been ordered not to spend any more than just a few short bursts of computer- or work-related activity. Still, it’s a start!


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