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Two Thirds of all Websites Are Invisible 12 March 2007

No doubt the above headline is shocking news – especially when you consider we are pretty much living in a world dominated by ‘search’.

But according to Matt Paines, one of the UK’s leading search engine optimising experts, two thirds of ALL websites are impossible to market.

Even some of the UK’s major brands are not spared by his condemnation, with many of their websites deemed to be so badly designed that there’s little or, worse, no chance that search engines could find them.

Paines, one of only two Microsoft Search Engine pros in the UK, is particularly concerned that clients are losing millions because they are being ill-advised by their marketers and web design agencies:

“It is absolutely ridiculous that marketing companies and web designers are still building websites without giving any thought to how they can be optimised.

“[There are] some stunning websites which are worthy of winning awards, but they’re virtually useless,” he adds. “In some cases the cheapest option is to start all over again because their sites are that badly designed.”

So, if your site looks great or is making use of the latest whizzy gadgetry, make sure it isn’t totally invisible to the search-engine ‘robots’ – the internet spiders crawling along the web looking for useful search terms and content. Else your online efforts could be going down the drain.

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PS A big thanks goes to all those wishing me a speedy recovery. In true fashion, I’m overdoing things, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for this Thursday’s appointment with the ‘back doctors’. 😉


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