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Quick Tips for Privacy Policies 14 March 2007

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As my broken back mends slowly, my thoughts have often turned into private ones. Well, put it this way, there is often no one around (I do have helpers, to which I am grateful; not least for helping me get to the chocolate tin!) but me, save the dog – and as much as he tries I really don’t think he can quite understand my philosophy on life and healing!

Anyway, if you excuse the lead-in, I wanted to talk to you today about privacy policies.

If you’re in business and you deal with customers, clients, members, stakeholders or whoever, you absolutely MUST commit to keeping their personal information private – especially in today’s seemingly insecure web environment.

One way to reassure people that any personal data they have provided is kept secure is to keep a privacy policy on your website. This is basically a pledge, and tells others how you will use or store their information.

The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) says the biggest tip they can give when it comes to creating a privacy policy is to keep it simple. They recommend that you:

1. make your policy easy to read, easy to comprehend and easy to find on your site;

2. update your policy as and when appropriate, perhaps to stay in line with changes in policies and other operatives within your organisation;

3. aim to promote your privacy policy among key stakeholders (including members, donors, board members, customers, etc);

4. distribute your policy internally so all employees are up to date with it.

For more information and to see a privacy policy in action, see:

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