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Quick Tips for Better Email Results 26 March 2007

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It doesn’t seem that long ago when businesses and solopreneurs communicated primarily via ‘snail mail’. And if you needed something to be sent in a hurry, you would utilise the services of FedEx or other alternative – at a price.

Nowadays, people rely on email. Other means of communicating with customers or clients are still important – but the beauty of email is that its speed is great for urgent correspondence.

Thing is, with the increasing number of anti-spam filtering mechanisms (the spam and anti-spam filters are a bit like the ‘chicken and egg’ scenario – both are co-dependent, and it’s often difficult to work out which came first!), ensuring your email gets delivered and then read is becoming increasingly difficult.

Fear not, for here are a few helpful quick tips:

1. Use a consistent and meaningful ‘From’ line. For instance, an email with the ‘From’ line of ‘T Dooley, Marketing & Editorial Consultant’ is going to appear to be more trustworthy than ‘February’ or ‘Diego fox’ – especially if you have alerted your email list to the fact that your emails will always come with a particular ‘From’ line that won’t change.

2. Choose your subject lines carefully. Which of the following subject lines would you be suspicious of?

• Invoice # 7241 for PR Services from James Brown

• Here it is!

• Go a esteem!

The latter one didn’t make sense, and the misspelling makes it appear to be a ‘spam’ email. Spammers often use nonsensical subject lines, or short lines like the ‘Here it is!’ one that use lots of exclamation marks and are not relevant to the intended recipient. The first in the examples above is relevant, specific and identifiable.

3. Always include your contact information in your email message. Your ‘sig line’ or ‘signature’ is usually the best place for this. By doing so, you are showing that you are a real human being, with a real physical address, and therefore can be more easily trusted than a random email that doesn’t even include an author name.

Want to learn more about succeeding with email communications, or the whole ‘online marketing’ enchilada? Point your mouse to:

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