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How to Get Free Content for your Blog 29 March 2007

Filed under: News,Promotion,Small Business — worddocdooley @ 9:29am

Want to use any of the articles/posts on this blog?

It couldn’t be easier!

Simply copy and past the relevant article/post, and publish it unchanged wherever you wish (only ‘legal’ sites, please) with the following copyright paragaph (live hyperlinks, please):

© 2007 T Dooley, All Rights Reserved. Tracey “Word Doctor” Dooley of MediaMinister ( is an experienced copywriter, editor, journalist, marketing and creative consultant, and blogger ( She has spent almost 14 years crafting compelling copy and ideas that successfully sell, inform, educate or entertain. =====>Get your FREE report by signing up for her business-building tips, marketing and publicity pointers, and news you can use – visit:


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