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Is Your Business Landing Well? 2 April 2007

A lot of my clients come to me and say something along the lines of, “I created a really good email campaign, with a great offer, but no one is buying my stuff…”

If this sounds a little like you, then today’s post will be particularly relevant.

First, let’s look at the definition of a landing page. In essence, a landing page is any web page to where you have directed your readers – perhaps via an email message, a banner, an ezine link, or a PPC ad.

Your readers clicked on the appropriate link to your landing page because they wanted to know more.

So your goal now is to carry on that dialogue and better present your offer to make a sale. Simple.

Well, not quite.

A lot of people think if they direct people to their website, then that will be fine. But it won’t, UNLESS you have specifically tied that page in with the offer made in your original ad, banner, etc.

Studies show that half – that’s 50% – of all visitors to your web page will leave in 8 seconds or less. This means they have had time to read at most 15 words.

By concentrating on the language and words used in your landing page, you will be in a much stronger marketing position to gather prospective-customer data, and also to covert visitors into buyers.

And don’t get carried away with your landing page; having a snazzy layout and colour combo might just be fighting the one than can create or increase conversions (sales) – copy.

For more practical ideas on increasing conversions, see ‘Website Copywriting Secrets that Convert Web Readers into BUYERS.

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2 Responses to “Is Your Business Landing Well?”

  1. steve Says:

    Didier Grossemy says that ff you were just doing the above, what would it do for your business?

    Once you have a basic sequential process working, you may have time to think of creative ways to automate the following:

    1. Collaborate – drive a service level feedback blog,
    2. Sell More – with back ends, packages and add ons,
    3. Engage – ask clients for ideas on how to improve your business,
    4. Reward – loyalty, referrals and testimonial people,
    5. Segment – your profiled database,
    6. Sell Money – gift vouchers and term packages
    Didier Grossemy Blog Didier Grossemy On Linkedin Didier Grossemy Profile

  2. Hi Steve

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Please note my NEW blog address (I haven’t posted to this one for quite some time now):

    Take care!

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