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Door Drops Top Traditional Advertising 12 April 2007

New research shows a coup for door drops. A whopping 96% of survey respondents said they were aware of receiving leaflets, circulars and other forms of door drops in the research carried out for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Moreover, around 72% had responded positively to them, with 84% taking action on the money-off coupons.

This is a huge upturn for door drops (sometimes referred to as ‘mail drops’ or ‘leaflet drops’), especially against a backdrop of relative indifference to advertising in general. More than half of the respondents agreed with the statement that they did not take much notice of what is being advertised on TV, rising to 56% for direct mail (although with correct targeting direct mail is one of the most successful methods of reaching potential buyers).

Door drops are printed materials – including discount vouchers, postcards, leaflets, and other ‘non-mailers’ – that are unaddressed and distributed via the letterbox. They are a surprisingly low-cost way of reaching people without having to go the expense of buying or building a mailing list.

Accubiz Research & Consulting carried out the research, panelling 400 house-dwellers. Weightings were applied to the data to make sure that the sampling reflected the overall demographic makeup of the overall UK population.

So, what do you think? Would you try door drops yourself? Perhaps you’ve already had some success with them. Lend me your views – I’d love to know!

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    I do try… 😉

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