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What Success Means, and How to Be Successful Challenge… 20 April 2007

Blogger Aaron Potts has created a fun blog experiment called ‘Simply Successful Secrets‘ based on the 5-10 things one does each day in the quest for success.

The idea is to get as many bloggers taking part and for each to link back to the original post by Aaron. Think of it as a ‘viral blog’ that helps spread the word as well as helpful, creative info and know-how to boost your own success rates.

Not one to miss out on challenges, I thought I’d play along.

1. After guzzling a few mugs of coffee (decaffeinated these days), I take 30-60 minutes ‘mind-body-soul’ time in the form of yoga.

I started yoga about 10 years ago and although I’m not quite as bendy as I would like (my body is a stubborn one), I find it really starts me off on the right track for the day. I love it!

Sadly, I haven’t been able to do it for some time due to my broken back – and sheesh, does my body know it. I suddenly have ‘punch-bags’ on my thighs and my belly seems to be taking on a new, distended form of its own that would rival that of a Sumo wrestler! My spirits aren’t quite as good as they were during my yoga days, either, so I’m willing my back to mend pronto so I can take it up again…

2. …which takes me to number 2 on my list. I have been meditating for about half an hour each day for the past few months.

Anyone who knows me will know that my brain doesn’t even switch off while sleeping (er, hopefully, not because I would soon be at the Pearly Gates in the sky! But I guess you know what I mean).

As my brain is always buzzing or twittering away, I have to do guided meditation. One that I listen to again and again, and which I highly recommend, is Sound Health, Sound Wealth by Luanne Oakes. It has honestly made a difference to my health and general outlook. Plus, I’m sure it’s helped my overactive mind calm down so that it is generally more focussed. 😉

3. My brain still craves information, so I make sure I feed my brain.

I read emails (why do I feel the need to check my emails about 100 times per day?!), blogs, online information sources, magazines… I study copywriting, marketing, online stuff… anything that helps me with my business,

I watch movies, too, and a little TV (oh, OK, it’s how I unwind at night) in the gallant effort of trying to understand how animals and people interact. I love psychology and anthropology. Mmmm, maybe I should have studied that at uni…

4. The next one on my list is fairly obvious, considering I’m a writer – I write, a lot.

Since being knee-high in my late mum’s life I’ve had an obsession with the written word. That’s where the book reading comes in again, and I’m almost ashamed to say that I lived on a fiction diet of The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and, when I was the age where teen spots make an unwelcome guest, Sidney Sheldon, Wilbur Smith and Danielle Steele (oh dear, now my secret’s out!).

Encouragement from teachers, family and friends helped me make my dream of becoming a writer a reality.

Now I write for a living, in the form of client’s marketing materials, ebooks, publicity materials, blog posts, newsletters, sales letters, white papers and more.

Even when I’m ultra busy, I make sure I write at least 50 ‘creative’ words per day. I think it helps my brain offload a little.

5. If I hit writer’s block (actually, I do this next step every day regardless), I stop what I’m doing, de-shackle myself from my desk and venture outside. This usually involves me being on the end of a dog lead, with my pooch eagerly leading the way to the park or beach.

Once there, I take a few deep breaths, take in the landscape and ‘connect’ with the sights and sounds of nature (man!). It’s great for de-stressing, re-energising and often brainstorming (things just pop into my mind!).

6. While out on a walk or researching for clients or the next big project, I listen to music. At the moment, I’m tapping away on my keyboard to the dulcet sound of Terry Wogan on BBC’s Radio 2. When I need serous concentration, I like to listen to Mozart, Schubert or Beethoven.

7. Every day I try to find ways of helping people. This can as simple as sending a useful link to a loved one or a client (I love ‘em, too!) or donating to my favourite charities.

Often, it involves me posting answers to forums, blogs and online message boards.

At other times, just smiling at passers-by can help brighten up someone’s day. Perhaps it was the way I was brought up, but I always go out of my way to spread a little happiness and be kind whenever I spot an opportunity.

8. Listen to my gut instinct. I’ve been burned more than a few times by evil people taking advantage of my generosity or naivety.

Now, whenever I come across anyone or anything new or need to make a decision, I make sure I listen to my gut. It’s never wrong.

That said, had I listened to my gut some weeks ago, I probably wouldn’t have a broken back right now. 😉

9. Write my ‘To-Do’ list each evening before shutting the office door. I love lists! I have mine colour-coded for ‘Important and Urgent’ stuff, ‘Important but Not Urgent’ things, ‘Not Important but Urgent” stuff, and ‘Not Important nor Urgent, but Still Would Like To Do’ things.

The next day, I’ll go through this list and tick off what I manage to do. That’s the best part of my list – achieving things.

Try it. Make sure you break bit or scary projects down into smaller ‘baby’ steps. That way, you’ll not only more readily make a start on them, but you will also get through it a lot quicker.

10. Spend time with those I love. This usually means my pseudo husband Tony (he’s real, but we’ve never gone down the ‘M’ route; my fault, it scares me, but I’m not commitment shy, you understand, we’ve been together for 14 years!) and my mutley hound.

Throughout the day, focusing on them and being truly appreciative of all the good ways in which they have enriched my life really helps me put things in perspective and spurs me on.

Also, without the full financial and emotional support of Tony, the encouragement of my family and friends, and the laughter brought about with the antics of my bonkers Border Collier, I probably wouldn’t be writing this list in the first place. So I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

Oh my Goodness, I’ve reached 10 already! Just when I was getting started… 🙂

I’ve learned a lot and laughed some more with the blog entries on this topic so far.

What about you? I would love to hear your favourite or top 5-10 things you do each day to make your life a success. You can post them as a comment on this blog here, or on your own and link or trackback back to this one…

I would especially love to hear from:


Angelica Jayne Taggart

Mel & Piotr

Lorraine Cohen

Madeleine Giddens

Wishing you all much success!

COPYRIGHT © 2007, T Dooley


22 Responses to “What Success Means, and How to Be Successful Challenge…”

  1. Andy Says:

    Love the post – and there’s nothing wrong with Sydney Sheldon!

  2. What a great post and thanks for the invitaion to comment and keepo a thread going. Listing 10 things you do every day for your success!

    I’m a believer that having daily routines to feed your spirit, mind, and body make a huge difference in what you attract and create.

    Here are many of the things I do daily to stay vital:

    1. Meditation (ooh, I do slip sometimes)and self-reflection. I’m a huge advocate in self-discovery so doing things that expand my awareness really feed my spirit. I have the Abraham-Hicks book, Ask and It Is Given by my bedside. I love this book!

    2. Listening to my gut (boy is that important) is key for me. When I override my intuition and instincts, the results are usually pretty poor.

    3. Having diversity of projects so I stay stimulated – working on a presentation, checking emails, hosting my weekly internet radio show is a blast, creating products and writing in my blog

    4. Helping others whether they are clients, colleagues or friends. I love the feeling you get from lending a hand or an ear to someone else especially when they experience a shift! Wow!

    5. Playing with my cats Wesley and Cassie. They are daily sources of love and joy.

    6. Noticing when I’m getting “too serious” and letting go to become more light-hearted. In another favorite book, The Art Of Possibility, the authors discuss a practice called, Rule Number 6 which really means, “Don’t take yourself so g-d damned serious!” Gotta watch those mini dramas I can create, haha.

    7. I keep my self-care strong and really listen to what my body needs – taking breaks, rest, drinking clean, healthy water, etc help me to stay focused and energized.

    8. Connecting with people I love either by phone or in-person. Emails are ok but they lack the personal connection for me.

    9.I also have two mastermind groups I belong to that keep me on track and accountable for having what I want.

    My life (and me) are constantly changinging. Tuning in to what I need is an ongoing practice. What energizes and feeds me today might be very different than what I’m doing 3-6 months from now. Bottom line – get to know yourself well so that your life is in alignment with who you are, what you need and want.

    To your success!

  3. Desktopjunk Says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  4. Hi Lorraine

    Makes for great reading – thanks for contributing!

    You and I are very much alike (I too slip with my meditation, but I am getting better and try to fit it in during week days, when it seems to help most)! 😉

    Again, thanks for sharing!


  5. Hi Tracey,

    Thanks for the feedback. It’s great hearing all the things people do. Lots of similarities!

    I’d love to get some conversations going on my blog too. Please come and visit sometime!


  6. Will do, Lorraine.

    I’m working on a big marketing campaign at the moment, so it’s eyes down at the mo, but hav bookmarked your blog again (somehow I’d lost it) and will try to join in or start some conversations!

    Take care

    Tracey 🙂

  7. Tracey,

    Much obliged for you taking part in the Simply Successful Secrets project and I apologize for taking so long to come by to check out your awesome list! It was a pleasure to read, and chock full of feeling and good advice.

    Here is to you continuing to be the great word-smith that you obviously are, and to you getting your back…uh…back on track? Mend well, and quickly, Tracey! 🙂

    Also, be sure to swing by my blog on May 16th. I will be posting the master list of success secrets, along with links back to the entries from all of the participants.

    – Aaron 🙂

  8. Aw, cheers, Aaron. 😉

    Will check out your blog on the 16th – I know it’s been a really successful (huh! No pun intended!) project, so can’t wait to see the master list.


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  13. Stepping away from the desk and the computer, even for only five minutes, has an unbelievably refreshing effect on me, too. Whether I go outside with my dog or wash the dishes doesn’t matter; it’s the temporary change of scenery that brings us back to center, I think.

  14. Hi Carolyn

    Thanks for your post!

    Yes, and it’s important to MOVE! So many of us just sit at our desks, day in and day out, with hardly any movement to the spine. Getting up and stretching those legs, and freeing the neck is essential… I learned this the hard way. ;-(

    In an ideal world, I’d be getting up and moving around every 10 minutes. But then I’d never get into the task in hand, so I try to do it at least every hour or so.

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  16. peter jones Says:

    Yoga is also good for your kids

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  20. punch bag Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points. I have just subscribed to your rss feed Keep up the good work ,great job!

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