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Easy Online Collaboration With Free Tool 25 April 2007

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Whether you are a copywriter, managing director, entrepreneur or small business-owner, there might well be occasions when you’ll be either writing copy or developing projects and sharing ideas with someone else.

One way to work on a project collaboratively is to email back and forth versions of the document. However, those who have tried it will no doubt have discovered that it can be confusing – and doomed to failure as one person in the loop inadvertently overwrites good copy or an important idea…

Fortunately, there’s a very cool and pretty much foolproof online tool called Writeboard that makes it easy to:

* Collaborate with peers and colleagues on documents, copy, proposals, memos, and so on.
* Write or develop documents without fear of losing or overwriting copy or a good idea.
* Be notified of changes.
* Compare different versions of a document without losing any changes.
* Keep your writing and projects completely organised.
* Feel on top of things.

All this and at zero cost to you. That’s right, Writeboard is FREE!

For further information, visit:


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