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How Does Your Marketing Message Measure Up? 27 April 2007

I was reading Hot Button Marketing by Barry Feig recently, and realised that this was the same author who had shared a story about a new product launch that failed – initially – to impress focus groups because of the wrong marketing positioning.

The Glad-Lock Zipper Freezer Bag seal (where the yellow and blue strip becomes green) eventually went on to become a major hit with consumers.

Good job the company didn’t scrap the very part of the bag that has almost become a household ‘must-have’ – re-sealable storage bags. Instead, they re-crafted the core marketing message (CMM) based on the potential buyers’ perceptions, and launched a winner.

This illustrates a crucial area that most entrepreneurs and small businesses tend to overlook: You need to tap into the emotional mindset of your target market in order to craft a laser-sharp CMM. This means not second-guessing or assuming how your consumers will perceive your new product or service, but instead actively carrying out market research – both on your target audience and also how they perceive your product, preferably before it goes to market.

Think of your potential purchasers being inside the bulls-eye on a darts board – the better you know where and how to aim, the more likely you are to hit them (hypothetically speaking!), and in turn the more sales you can anticipate.

Only when you have created a system that focuses on the wants, needs, desires, etc of your audience and show how your product provides relevant solutions will you be able to define a well-targeted core marketing message. Without a defined CMM, your marketing efforts will vanish into thin air.

So to ensure your product launch is a success (or indeed to rise above the clutter of competition), you must take the time to understand your customers, identify what they feel about what you’re selling, and build your core marketing message accordingly.

On a final note, test. Often. Refining your messaging platform can be the best and most inexpensive way to increase revenue.

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