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Copyright Question 30 April 2007

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Here is a question put to me that is a variant on similar questions received at the MediaMinister virtual head office:

What constitutes fair use of a magazine article topic when you have sold the rights to one publication and want to rework it for another, which only wants original articles? In other words, how different does it have to be? What if it is twice as long, but duplicates the previous article and fleshes it out more?

If you can use a different slant, or take a new angle, add some stats and other bits and pieces, including fresh quotes, then I don’t see anything wrong in approaching the publication.

I myself would probably stay away from sending the article out IF both publications are competing ones. I would normally try to rework the article for a magazine of a different genre. This obviously means more research and more work in general, but can be really worth your while.

COPYRIGHT © 2007, T Dooley


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