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Help! My Competitors Are Doing This – Should I? 31 May 2007

Some of my clients originally came to me courtesy of their competitors! They knew the competition were doing something really well with their marketing and advertising, but didn’t know how.

Having spoken with them and researched the competition, it quickly became clear that they hired copywriters.

Hiring a professional wordsmith is a wise investment. Dozens of companies — including, Independent Newspapers, NEC, IPC Media, Holland & Barrett, Freeserve, Zone WorldWide Publishing, Centaur Communications, National Magazine Company and FilmFour — certainly think so. And who am I to tell you any differently? I’d soon be out of work if I did!

So, have you ever hired a copywriter? Do you really need to? Yes!

All businesses – no matter what size or type – have ongoing communication needs. Think of staff newsletters, press advertisements, website content, news releases and a number of other written materials. These are all communication vehicles used to best reach targeted audiences, whether made up of your employees, partners, customers or prospective clients.

When it’s wise to bring in the professionals

“Yes, but I know how to write,” you’re thinking.

That’s great, but do you have the time? (Good, effective writing is time consuming and labour intensive.) Can you really be bothered? (You want to be free to concentrate on what you’re best at.) Even if you could, do you have the necessary skill sets to communicate your company’s message effectively to its target markets?

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t expect someone without a medical background to operate on you. A copywriter is an expert at using words to position your business favourably.

During one summer, I got a call from a client. He’s absolutely fantastic at what he does but admits he’s not writer. Even so, he reckoned he knew enough about his own product to give writing his sales brochure a shot. He called to ask me to “give it a quick once-over” and make sure there were no typos. There were a few misspellings. That didn’t worry me too much. What did was the fact that, while he had included his company’s core messages, it was all very confusing. After a re-write, he agreed that the brochure was much easier to understand.

Make the right kind of splash

Most freelance copywriters work in varying industries. However, that’s not as important as their main speciality: persuasion through language. They do more than produce copy that merely informs; they analyse the way people are in today’s changing global marketplace and craft your message in such a way that it really makes a splash. In turn, that gets the attention and sustained interest of the audience you wish to reach and prompts buyers to do just that – buy.

Even if you do get your reader’s initial interest, this age of information overload and heightened scepticism means you have to work harder to bypass the “Why should I care?” and “Yeah, right!” objections that your target markets will share. That’s where a copywriter comes in handy.

When you hire a copywriter, not only are you paying him or her to write – you are paying her to think how she can overcome any potential problems. She’ll use a selection of proven techniques that appeal to the emotions without hype so that your copy gets real results. The desirable kind that can help your business grow.

Perhaps the best thing is that you can use and pay for copywriting services only when you need them. The only time it isn’t cost-effective is when you don’t get results. Investing in a proven professional copywriter is an investment that should pay off not just once – but time and time again.

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WIN Free Marketing 29 May 2007

MediaMinister is offering to write and distribute a press release (to 5-10 selected publications) for two lucky winners in the latest Communiqué for Success newsletter competition.

“I’m always try to go out of my way to help charities, other solopreneurs and businesses promote their products or services,” says Tracey “Word Doctor” Dooley. “A press release can be one of the most effective ways of gaining media exposure and bringing in a greater return on investment than, say, advertising. But often SMEs don’t have the time or skillet to write a release that will be picked up by the media. Because I’ve been on all sides of the fence, as a journalist, editor and a PR executive, I can write a release that is properly formatted and is more likely to get noticed.”

For further information or your chance to win, sign up to CfS. It’s FREE to join, and you get a free report just for subscribing:

The closing date for all entries is 15 June.

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Cool Idea for Business Cards 25 May 2007

Filed under: Marketing,Promotion,Publicity,Small Business — worddocdooley @ 10:15am

As we’re fast heading in the direction of a lovely bank holiday here in the UK, I thought I’d keep today’s post short and sweet.

I came across this the other day and thought, “Brilliant! How original!”

The thing with most business cards is that they’re boring, or they don’t hold any ‘must keep hold of this’ factor (that is, there is not much on them to warrant keeping them. I do have several ideas for turning this around, but that’s another post…).

This could provide a couple of hours’ fun in the office, I’m sure. I know I’d keep hold of this one:

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Smarter Working Is Key To Tackling Congestion 24 May 2007

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Today is the final day of Work Wise Week, an initiative to promote smarter working practices such as flexible working, including condensed hours and nine-day fortnights, remote and mobile working, as well as working from home.

Yesterday was the focus of the impact of smarter working practices on our much-troubled transportation system and accompanying road congestion.

The powers that be have declared what I, and I suspect you, have known all along: that working from home or ‘remote working’ provides a major solution to road congestion and public transport overcrowding, not to mention pollution. Doh!

“A key benefit of the introduction of new smarter working practices is that it leads to a decline in the overall amount of travel. The requirement to travel to and from work at the same time to the same place every weekday, and also to travel many miles for meetings, is largely unnecessary considering the technology available, and the nature of the global market, today,” says Phil Flaxton, chief executive of Work Wise UK.

“Changing our working practices, and so our travel patterns, is one of the solutions to road congestion and public transport overcrowding, and probably the only one that is currently achievable.”

And it’s a lot, lot better and fairer than slapping on road ‘stealth’ taxes left, right and centre (and when are we going to see an improved public transport system that can more than cope with the demand, and isn’t akin to being squeezed into non-existant gaps onto packed trains and buses?)…

What do you think?

Are you currently working from home, or is your boss too mean-spirited and backward thinking to contemplate such a beneficial move? I’d love to hear your news and views!

Please leave your feedback by clicking on the green ‘comments’ text link, below right.

More information:

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Project Tracking & Time Management 23 May 2007

Filed under: Copywriting,Marketing,Small Business — worddocdooley @ 9:15am

Question: “Do you have a form or system that works well for tracking the time you spend on projects?”

Answer: I simply use an Excel spreadsheet. I note my ‘check in’ time (when I start working on a project) and ‘check out’ time (when I stop), and tot up time spent on any given project on a daily basis. I have all my current projects in there, all color-coded so that I can see what I’ve been up to!

Hope this helps,


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Magic Words For Greater Riches 22 May 2007

Anyone who has worked with me or read any issues of my newsletter knows the value I put on words. Not just any old words, you understand. But rather the right ones, in the right context, for the right audience…

For the true currency of ANY business is language. Using compelling words on a daily basis to communicate your skill set, your offer, the benefits of buying from you … is the single most important thing you can do in your business.

I’ve just come across this article that I thought you would find interesting:

Magic Words: What Words are Music to the Ears of Your Customers?

Let me know of any successes you have had with your own words. And don’t forget to keep reading CfS as this is a topic that I touch on often.

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The Real Secrets of Success Are… 21 May 2007

The Simply Successful Secrets write-a-thon has come to an end. But rather than get morose about such news, we should be celebrating big time!

Initiated by Aaron Potts from his blog ‘Today Is That Day’, meme participants shared their secrets to their own success, and bloggers tagged other blogs to join in on the fun and games.

(Oh, OK, most of these are not secrets in the true sense of the word. But there are a number of pure gems in there that one wouldn’t have known about unless the ‘owners’ shared them.)

Aaron has published an insightful and excellent wrap-up of the results from all participants, and I’d suggest you go over there and bookmark the page – for if it doesn’t spur you on to success today, it will provide fodder for tomorrow’s successes.

Meanwhile, here is the list all of the blogs that participated, with direct links to their posts on success.

Get motivated by starting at the top of the list and working your way down. If you missed my own success secrets the first time round, or enjoyed it so much you want to get inspired all over again, here’s the direct link to my entry:

Simply Successful, Darling!

Here’s to your success!


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