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British Businesses Face Skills Crisis 2 May 2007

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British businesses are facing increasing difficulties in finding skilled employees.

According to a new report by the British Chambers of Commerce
55% of employers said that they find it more difficult to recruit skilled employees today than was the case five years ago. The findings reveal the true extent of the worrying skills gap among British workers.

Is the skills shortage affecting your business? If not now, what about the future?

Even if you can find the right person with the right skills, you can’t ignore the fact that employees are expensive.

To take on someone with the skills and experience of a good copywriter, say, as an employee is prohibitively expensive. This is especially true as copywriting isn’t your typical day-to-day, full-year activity for most organisations.

Pound for pound, you can invest in far better copywriting skills on an as-needed project basis. And once you realise that outsourcing other areas, you will find that you are NOT one of the statistics failing to find people with the right skills.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your views.

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2 Responses to “British Businesses Face Skills Crisis”

  1. opengame Says:

    I now work in London, but I worked a lot in Moscow before. The situation as you described it reminds me of Moscow a lot – exactly the same trends.

  2. I’ve never been to Moscow, but it is scary to think that here we are in the 21st century and we’re all having to look elsewhere for skilled employees. Crazy!

    As David Frost of the British Chambers of Commerce said:

    “The current education and vocational training system is failing to provide workers with the skills that businesses need. If this is not effectively addressed UK businesses will be seriously disadvantaged.”

    The education system needs to be overhauled, as school-leavers are exiting the education system without necessarily being able to read or write adequately – BASIC skills that should be a given in ANY developed country.

    Also, I think the onus is on companies to provide adequate training for their employees, or at least assess the training needs of new recruits and work from there.

    Obviously, that is not always possible or viable, which is why outsourcing a job or project to a freelancer makes sound financial sense. 😉

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