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All Work and No Play 4 May 2007

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Work-mad Brits leave little or no time for their other half, reveals a new Imodium life-balance survey.

Apparently, millions of us are spending at most 0-6 hours per week
enjoying time with their loved ones.

This is not only pitiful for ‘outside-of-work’ relationships, but potentially dangerous for our overall health. I mean, come on; we’re one of the most overworked, stressed-out nations, and the number of stress-related illnesses is exploding.

As someone who can show workaholic tendencies and is now suffering with a long-term, stress-induced illness, I know only too well just how important taking time out to achieve a decent life-work balance can be.

So if you’re one of the many frenzied Brits who don’t often stop to think about how their busy lives might affect their personal lives and health, please do yourself a favour – leave the desk at least on time once a week, and have more fun. (No, that doesn’t involve being chained to your desk.)

On a final note, be sure to enjoy the bank holiday weekend to its fullest!

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