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Petition: Help Save Our Dogs 4 May 2007

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Today’s post is slightly off-topic, but as it’s so close to my heart, I couldn’t not include it.

In the UK, an increasing number of dogs are stolen, either to be sold to unsuspecting members of the public, to be held for ransom, for breeding purposes, and, the saddest of them all, for the growing organised dog-fighting scene.

But if your pooch was stolen, you’d be lucky to get your local police station to do much about it, if anything.

Jane Hayes, founder of DogLost – a website dedicated to reuniting owners with their lost or stolen pets – says: “Only one in ten people who have their dog stolen actually get a crime reference number from the police. There is very much the attitude, prove you didn’t just leave your back gate open and the dog wandered off’. It is so frustrating for dog owners because there is this reluctance to accept that it is a real crime.”

Freelance writer Elaine Everest has set up a petition to get the police forces to investigate the loss of a dog in the same way they would other personal property.

In the few days that the petition has been running it has attracted almost 500 signatures.

If possible would you please sign the petition and pass this on to your friends and peers, and perhaps mention it on other websites?

Many thanks!

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2 Responses to “Petition: Help Save Our Dogs”

  1. Well done and thank you for highlighting this.

    Woof Woof xxxx

  2. Cheers! It’s for a good, and well-overlooked, cause. 😉

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