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Plea: Help Our Hairy Four-Legged Friends 9 May 2007

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Did you know that it’s the official international ‘Donkey Week’ this week? Running from 8 to 15 May, the charity The Donkey Sanctuary has set up fun events and donkey workshops throughout the UK to raise awareness and funds for the charity.

The aims of Devon-based The Donkey Sanctuary are “to prevent the suffering of donkeys worldwide through the provision of high quality, professional advice, training and support on donkey welfare. In the UK and Ireland permanent sanctuary is provided to any donkey in need of refuge.”

Donkeys are delightfully fun and hard-working animals. Sadly, they are often abused, cruelly neglected or abandoned. However, no matter how full it is, The Donkey Sanctuary never refuses entry to any sad donkey, as long as he or she is fit to travel. They will do all they can for those who aren’t.


NEWS FLASH: MediaMinister will donate 5% of ALL revenues raised during May 2007 to The Donkey Sanctuary. To help this worthy cause, click here to do some


The charity relies totally on donations from the general public, companies or charitable trusts. Even the smallest donations help.

Please help support this wonderful charity. Approximately 6p in every £1 donated is spent on administration costs, which means that the majority of all donations received goes directly to helping the donkeys. So please dig into your pockets. You can easily get rid of that annoying change that just rips holes in your jeans, or makes your purse bulge open…

And if you can get down to Devon, pop in and say hello to the lovely, happily rescued donkeys.

Click here to read more about Donkey Week and events near you:

Click here to support the donkey charity:

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