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Friday Is National Work From Home Day 14 May 2007

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Today’s technology means that most people can work virtually anywhere. For many, yours truly included, working from a home office is not just practical (I have a dog that needs my company!), but also far more productive and pleasant than working in a typical office.

So I was exited to see that Work Wise UK – the campaign promoting the wider adoption of smarter working practices – has designated this Friday (18 May) ‘National Work from Home Day’.

The campaign is part of the Work Wise Week (16-22 May). The idea behind it all is for more businesses to see the benefits of flexible working, as well as smarter working practices generally.

Further information about Work Wise UK, and how organisations can participate in Work Wise Week, can be found on the website

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3 Responses to “Friday Is National Work From Home Day”

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  2. Joni May Says:

    It is wonderful to see that the trend these days more and more gears toward letting people work from home instead of having them commute to offices and get stuck in traffic etc. I for one cannot wait for it to be implemented on a global scale, and I am sure there are others who agree with me!

    Enjoy your National work from home day!

  3. MarketingMoment Says:

    Absolutely! And if the powers that be are REALLY serious about tackling congestion and carbon-dioxide emissions, then they will fully support and motivate ‘distance’ working. 😉

    Thanks for your post, Joni!

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