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How To Out-Do Your Competitors 18 May 2007

How would you like to catapult over your competition?

Well, the main article in the latest issue of MediaMinister’s Communiqué for Success touches on something extremely powerful that every single business should have, but most don’t even feature it in their marketing and advertising materials. What a waste! Read this article to make sure you don’t miss out on building a stronger connection with your prospects – enticing them to buy from you, instead of the competition to boot.

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The full line-up this month:

1. Publisher’s Preamble
2. Announcement
3. Copyright Body Has New Name
4. How To Out-Do Your Competitors
5. About the Word Doctor
6. Client Corner
7. F*r*e*e Marketing for 2 Lucky Businesses!
8. How to Get New Clients
9. Improve Productivity While Cutting Costs
10. Join My Affiliate Programme
11. F*r*e*e Image-Editing Software
12. Business-building Marketplace

Click on the following link to find out how you can get immediate access to all of this – and more – at NO COST to you:

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