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Little-Used Customer Acquisition Tip 4 June 2007

What can make all the difference between so-so marketing and great publicity?

Good-old-fashioned customer testimonials.

Positive feedback from your customers or clients are one of the strongest, most compelling forms of credibility any business can use. And on top of that, they are brilliant at substantiating any claims made about your products or services, thereby lessening doubt, cynicism or even premature ‘buyer’s remorse’.

Strange then that most business-owners don’t seem to make much use of testimonials. Some don’t bother to use them at all! If they do, they depend on average testimonials, unaware of the fact that if they put in a little bit of effort to get riveting, convincing testimonials, then more sales and profits are a likely result.

To read more on testimonials, including how to get great ones, point your mouse to:

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