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Don’t Bore Your Potential Customers Away! 6 June 2007

If your marketing isn’t working, or you’re facing a brick wall with that advertising because you feel you need a ‘special’ skill, don’t despair…

All you need is passion.

No, not the sort that brings out the taboo campaigners, nor associated with selling chocolate. But rather the kind of excitement you need to feel about what it is you’re selling.

People ALWAYS buy on emotion, and justify their purchase afterwards with logic.

Now before you get go and get carried away, it’s not as simple as listing all the positive features of buying your product. In fact, it’s not about features at all. Instead, you have to use persuasive language that gets across what your product will do for your buyer. You need to produce an emotive response.

That doesn’t mean using hype. People will see straight through that, and you’ll end up with egg on your face.

The best way to get your benefits is to think about the comments your customers have made about your products. Be sure to include the things that they might not be aware of at first thought, including how you or your product has helped them be better or do things better.

Even if you’re writing about a technical product, where buyers really do want to know the features are so that they can compare products, you should still include benefits.

So, what are the benefits YOU provide?

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