For those moments when you’re thinking, “I need new business –- and quick!”

Stop Working With Deadbeat Clients… 8 June 2007

…and instead attract ideal clients while knocking out the competition, to boot!

That’s the theme of my all-spanking new special report.

Most people don’t bother (wrongly) to identify their ideal client. But the fact is an ideal client profile is one of those secrets that solopreneurs and small businesses can learn from the corporate world for greater business success. And it’s something that will give you a BIG advantage over your competitors, too.

The Ideal Client Worksheet is one of those powerful marketing tools that helps you bring focus to your business, enabling you to attract better clients more quickly and easily – and putting an end to wasted marketing budgets, time and efforts chasing the wrong type of client.

To find out more, or for immediate download, visit:

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