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How To Win Over The Media 11 June 2007

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Getting free publicity by way of press coverage is one of the best things one can do for ANY business. As well as letting people know you exist, being in the media enhances your brand message (or helps you create one, if you don’t yet have a brand image) and is a potential source of leads.

The thing is, the media is literally bombarded with press releases every single day. So somehow yours has to stand apart from the pack.

One thing you can do to get the media on your side is to make their jobs easier.

No, I don’t mean volunteering to do all those niggling little jobs that no one wants to do. But rather doing things like letting them know you have background information that might help the development of their story. So when you next send a press release, let it be known in the ‘editors notes’ that you have an electronic or print media kit.

Another way of helping out the media is to keep your promises. You might have offered a media kit or some photos to back up your release, for instance. So be sure to send them!

Next, don’t become a pest. Following up on a release, once, or getting in touch to see how you can help, is fine. But journalists and editors are incredibly busy beings, so you don’t want to harass them. And what ever you do, don’t phone up to say, “Hi, did you get my release?”

For a start, they probably won’t have a clue what you’re talking about, unless you have something really unusual or valuable to offer. So remind them why your release is something to note, and offer any news tie-ins or other ideas for positioning the story.

That brings me to my next point – when a journalist says they’re not interested in your release, do not persist! Changing their mind is very unlikely, and you might be branded a nuisance if you try to argue over it!

Other ways to win over the media include turning up for an interview (or not cancelling an interview to which you have agreed), sending your release in the accepted journalistic format, tailoring your release to the appropriate audience, and proofreading your words.

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