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How To Sell To Prospects 18 June 2007

It doesn’t matter what you sell, or how great a product you have, all your prospective customers will want to know three key things:

1. What’s in it for them. Your prospects need to know what you or your product does to make them more successful, more productive, happier, wealthier, and so on.

2. Why they should listen to you. You might think you’re a great coach or have the best new gadget on the market, but your prospects really want to know why they should give you their time and custom. You have to convince them that you or your product are a better option than that offered by the competition.

3. Why they should order from you now! Motivating prospects to act now is more difficult than it sounds. A great offer, or time-limited exclusive helps. But it’s down to what you’re offering and the words you use to emotionally connect with your prospects. One surefire way is to understand your prospects’ fears, and lay them to rest…

I’ll cover more in future posts.

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