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The Importance of Appealing to the ‘Right’ Clients 22 June 2007

Many companies and brands today are seriously out of touch with their customers. Yet these same organisations seem surprised when their customers get upset and jump ship. (Well, hello! As all good marketers (and businesses) know, you really can’t ignore your customers’ needs and preferences.)

The main article in the latest issue of MediaMinister’s Communiqué for Success looks at the one thing you can do to avoid all this – and make sure you generate more targeted, effective marketing, while staying ahead of the competition.

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The full line-up this month:

1. Publisher’s Preamble
2. Announcement
3. Sleep Your Way to Success?
4. Special Invitation
5. Engage the ‘Right’ Clients & Watch Your Business Grow
6. About the Word Doctor
7. New Web Service Slashes the Cost of Expert Legal Advice
8. Client Corner
9. How to Send Electronic Press Releases
10. Business-Building Special Offer
11. An Easy Way to Passive Income
12. A Guide to Promoting Your Business
13. Winning Brochures & FREE Photos
14. Business-building Marketplace

Plus, the winners of the ‘free marketing’ competition are revealed.

Click on the following link now to find out how you can get immediate access to all of this – and more – at NO COST to you:

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