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The Importance of Good Copy 23 July 2007

CfS reader Marian Dyer wonders how can one “get people to realise the importance of good copy.”

Good question! And one that can get me pulling out my hair out at times! While it’s true that more people are realising the importance of good copy, there are still more who just don’t, well, get it. Much to their peril.

When it comes to websites, advertisements, brochures, sales letters and other forms of communication, copy is irrefutably THE most important ingredient. Do you think you would sell your wares, for instance, if your site was devoid of words, and instead relied on pictures alone to prompt orders? Unlikely.

That is why successful, clean copy is often dubbed ‘salesmanship in print’. That is, it has the ability to provoke the desired response. That can be as simple as persuading website visitors to click the ‘next page’ hyperlink or getting people to phone for a consultation. Good copy can and often does convert readers into buyers.

Nevertheless, to sell effectively or get your readership to respond in some way, copy needs to act as a kind of bullhorn that announces your credibility and capability. So it makes sense to make a good impression with error-free copy.

Sloppy copy fails to pay attention to correct spelling and grammar, as well as solid, clear and concise sentence structure, and informative, reliable facts. In addition to confusing your potential customers, lazy writing also undermines your credibility and professionalism – damaging those all-important first impressions and resulting in a huge loss of potential revenue.

Of course, no matter how precise one strives to be with the written word, no one can be perfect. There will always be the odd typo or spelling error, and the occasional cloudy sentence. That doesn’t mean the author doesn’t care, per se, just that he or she is human.

However, if a website is riddled with errors, then I for one would be inclined to think the author isn’t bothered about coming across as a professional – and I’d hit the ‘back’ button on my browser sooner than you could say ‘sloppy copy’!

If you’re serious about projecting a good image for your business, and in turn boosting revenues, then it really does pay to invest in good, clean copy.

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