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Can a Simple Letter Get You F*R*E*E* publicity? 24 July 2007

Yes! And in the lead article in the latest issue of MediaMinister’s Communiqué for Success I reveal one of the cheapest and easiest ways to promote your business.

Also, there is a really fantastic competition (open to all CfS subscribers) to win even greater media coverage and awareness for your business.

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The full line-up this month:

1. Publisher’s Preamble
2. Branding Pays Off With Search Engine Marketing
3. How Does Your Business Grow?
4. How a Simple Letter Can Land You Free Publicity
5. About the Word Doctor
6. Big Marketing Winners Revealed
7. Client Corner
8. Using Other People’s Work
9. Bag this Essential Guide, Worth £15!
10. Improve Productivity While Cutting Costs
11. F*r*e*e Image-Editing Software
12. Women in Business Seminar
13. Business-building Marketplace

Click on the following link now to find out how you can get immediate access to all of this – and more – at NO COST to you:

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