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Outsourcing is Key to Business Success 26 July 2007

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A lot of solopreneurs and small businesses-owners make the mistake of doing all their own admin work, as well as other tasks they’ve neither the time nor the skills to carry out productively.

Well, streamlining your business by using outside service providers – such as blog-content writers, proofreaders, book-keepers, marketing mentors and the like – will free up your time and help you stay focused on the work that you can do and actually enjoy.

Mmmm. Seems I have forgotten this very important lesson and slipped back into the “Of course I can do it all myself” mentality for some obscure reason. The good news is that I’m now wide awake to the benefits of outsourcing.

The best way to get started is to take a blank sheet of paper and divide it up into three columns. Now write all the things that you do every week for your business. Include everything, no matter how seemingly insignificant (oh, OK, the coffee-making isn’t something that I’d put on the list, but things like opening the mail, responding to emails, etc, would be). In the next column write down approximately how much time is eaten up by each of these tasks. Now in the next column identify areas that you can outsource – criteria to think about include things like do you enjoy doing this task, are you skilled to do it/is it easy, would it be better to outsource? And so on.

Now do a little research and go find professional service providers that can help ease the load, and boost your business to boot!

Want to use this in your ezine, blog or website? No problem! Just let me know. I’ll send you a short resource box/bio to include at the end of the article.

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2 Responses to “Outsourcing is Key to Business Success”

  1. Emma Walker Says:

    Great article Tracey and congratulations on becoming busy so that you need to outsource!

    As a Virtual Assistant myself, I tell all my potential clients to make a list of the things they don’t like doing, don’t have the time to do or aren’t skilled to do. I also tell them to work out their hourly rate to determine if it is actually costing them money to do certain tasks – instead of money making tasks.

  2. Thanks, Emma!

    I think that’s the key: Once one sits down and work out just how much income you are potentially losing doing tasks that either one struggles with or hates doing, then it becomes clearer for the need to outsource!

    With a lot of people, I guess it boils down to a changing mindset.

    Good luck with your VA biz!

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