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Question Time Revisited 10 August 2007

Here’s a question to ponder, and one that I have put to internet marketer extraodinaire James Brausch: Have you personally had to change your (marketing) writing style to accommodate the shorter attention span of the new media generation?

I know it’s a bit cheeky, but something else has been bugging me of late: Who out of all the ‘gurus’ out there and all the ‘next big things’ who and/or what would you pay attention to?

Feel free to post your comments here. 😉


6 Responses to “Question Time Revisited”

  1. Great question. I just wrote a post about this very subject. I believe there is going to be a huge shift in marketing campaigns. The reality of video and it’s on-line use is forcing the change. You already are witnessing this on the corporate level and being able to market/advertise effectively is increasingly going to depend on video formats. Video is by far the most effective medium out there and finally TV is not the only spot for it. This is great news for small businesses looking to add another dimension to their presence. I believe that the “old style” of marketing is not going to be replaced, but instead augmented by these new tools. It really is an exciting time in the field.

  2. James refused to publish my question… you can see it in my blog.

  3. I have thought about the same thing. I am attempting to start a business and marketing online to the “new” online generation is difficult. Their heads are in a different direction, mostly aimed at amateur videos. We need to embrace this fact and create new ways of reaching these masses.

  4. Thanks for your comments so far – keep them coming. 😉

    While I agree that video can be an extremely powerful medium, I’m not sure it is ‘the most effective by far’. One has to take into account the mindset and habits of one’s target market; today’s ‘Generation Y’ might well be more responsive to video, but I know that my own target group is more responsive to relationship-building email, ezine and marketing articles. The only way to tell for sure is to test, and test again. : )

    I’m with you on the short attention span scenario. I’m not sure, though, that it’s privvy to ‘da youf’ – rather, it’s more a way of life; everyone is so busy and bombarded with so many messages and information sources, that we tend to skim read and multiprocess. I am researching into this area right now, with a view to writing an article, so watch this space – or future issues of my newsletter, Communiqué for Success.

  5. It’s funny you should mention this as our marketing team at Homefinder are constantly checking and evaluating our media responses…one of the things we did recently was to take one of our newspaper ads and tinker with it and we measured the response over a number of weeks. We shortened the copy on the offline ad significantly to resemble a more “online” feel and our enquiries shot up that week. The next week we ran with a “traditional” newspaper ad, the enquiries went down. The following week, we gave the ad the shorter punchier “online” copy and the enquiries went up again. We have of course switched the style of ad over for us and our franchisees on a larger scale…but funny how our “online” life is starting to spill over into our “offline” activities isn’t it? 🙂
    As for a Guru I rate…try Yaro Starek in Australia…when it comes to web and especially blog work – he knows his stuff and interestingly he’s prepared to share that knowledge! Top bloke! 😉

  6. Thanks for the tip-off, Freya, and it’s encouraging to hear of your recent online (and offline) successes…

    I always advocate testing. Then refining. Then testing. Then doing it all over again. 🙂

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