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Email Marketing on the Rise 15 August 2007

Email marketing has overtaken print direct mail by volume for the first time, with the average number of emails sent up by 50 per cent in the last quarter, according to the latest Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Email Benchmarking report.

What’s more, it is predicted that digital direct marketing is set to grow by another third over the next quarter.

On the flip side, direct marketing – traditionally the golden ticket for advertisers and marketers alike – seems to be on the decline. That said, most pundits believe that a combination of offline and online media is the best approach to direct campaigns.

The growth in email marketing underlines its power as both a standalone medium and its role within integrated campaigns,” said Robert Keitch, director of media channel development, DMA.

What are your best practices for this convenient, direct and low-production marketing channel? Please share in the comments section below.

Source: Revolution UK, 13 August 2007

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2 Responses to “Email Marketing on the Rise”

  1. Good post, but I think ROI should be included in any examination of direct / email marketing. I seem to see better results with direct marketing…perhaps because of the strict laws about SPAM in the US…plus, email is so easily deleted or caught in a spam filter these days. As the price of permission based email databases goes up, I will have to see much better sales ROI to recommend this route to my clients.

  2. Agreed, to a degree…

    I’ve done some more digging on this news story. Apparently, the survey’s respondents believe that the success of email marketing campaigns boils down to three key areas: 1) the targeting (42 per cent importance), 2) the offer (33 per cent), and 3) the creative (25 per cent).

    The survey also reveals that email deliverability continues to improve with ‘hard bounce’ rates standing at jus two per cent (in the UK), down from six per cent in the first quarter.

    Personally, I think email marketing’s continued effectiveness is down to its ability to react swiftly to market conditions and opportunities. Plus, it is a much more cost-effective and measurable medium than DM.

    However, all that said, as Robert Keitch, Director of Media Channel Development, DMA, says: “The fact that email volumes have overtaken direct mail by no means belittles the power of direct mail. The medium continues to command high response rates and a reduction in volumes demonstrates both its power working in conjunction with another medium such as email and the industry’s improved targeting to reduce wastage in a bid to rid the industry of ‘junk’.”

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