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Copywriting & Editorial Services in Brighton, London, the UK, the US… Anywhere! 17 August 2007

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A new client recently asked whether I work with entrepreneurs in the United States of America. Of course! I replied. Geography knows no boundaries when it comes to the net, and the job of this UK copywriter.

While it’s true that some clients still prefer to meet and discuss copy face to face, more and more of my clients prefer to work with me remotely. Let’s face it, with the advancing technology we have these days, one really doesn’t ‘need’ to be face to face with anyone anymore in order to get the job done. Copywriting services, editing and proofreading services, marketing consultancy… These can all be provided with relative ease via technology.

I for one provide a much more enhanced service communicating primarily via email. Although I partake in telephone consultations, conference and progress updates, I do tend to keep both telephone and face-to-face communications to a minimum so that I can concentrate on current projects.

Email – or desktop – communication also allows me to work with clients as far afield as Australia. That said, I have travelled to meet clients in London as a freelance copywriter, especially when working in conjunction with a graphic designer, to meet and discuss copywriting services. After the initial meeting, though, the project can easily and does continue via email.

My ultimate dream? To be working in my bumble beachside abode in the West Country (UK), looking out to see my donkeys, dogs and horses frolicking in the fields. 🙂

What about you? Do you find that technology enhances your productivity and working styles? Please share via the comments link (below right).

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