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5 Tips For Better HomeWorking 12 October 2007

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1. Organise Your Paperwork

Deal with what needs to be dealt with, and file the rest. Pieces of paperwork will only waste your time.

2. Business Noise

If you work from home, make sure your customers won’t be able to hear your children or the TV playing in the background – it really doesn’t create a professional image.

3. Ambition

Work expands to fill the time allotted, so be ambitious with your plans and you will probably accomplish more.

4. Phone Manner

If you put someone on hold, provide them with a frequent progress report, or they will think they have been forgotten and might just hang up.

5. Pause to Relax

Take some time to recharge every day – we all need breaks and without them we become stressed, bad tempered and less productive.

Source: Start Your Business magazine, Issue 15, p28

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