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Jaws Has Nothing on Facebook 18 October 2007

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Do you have – or have you thought about having – a profile on social-networking sites such as MySpace and FaceBook? Then you might want to think again before jumping in the water…

Blogger ‘Legal Andrew’ has published a fascinating (and, frankly, unnerving) take on the T&Cs found at the FaceBook website.

Once you are on FaceBook, you are in its Jaws-like grip of death insofar as your rights are concerned…

Essentially, you are ‘signing’ away your intellectual property rights as well as your rights to privacy and the use (or misuse) of any personal data you provide.

I haven’t decided (yet) to pull my entire profile from the site, but I have pulled a substantial amount of my copyrighted content. I’ll bide my time with the rest of it and watch with interest if anyone bothers to tackle the powers at FaceBook or a similar site (MySpace springs to mind).

In the meantime, my advice: ALWAYS read the small print and make sure you are comfortable with it before you sign up to or publish personal data/content on Web 2.0.

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