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Feed the Courage and Do it Anyway 22 October 2007

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I’ve been tagged by blogger Lorraine Cohen to partake in the following meme:

What’s the bravest thing you ever did that you’re most proud of? What gave you courage to be brave then, that continues to give you courage today?

Wow! What a challenge. There are quite a number of times in my life when I have had to enlist the help of courage to get me through intact, but I guess one in particular was when I was 18. My parents were about to move to a foreign country, due to my father’s job. I was fresh out of college, and had just qualified as a BHSAI (British Horse Society Affiliated Instructor).

Not one to miss out on new experiences, or new lands to explore, I decided to up my roots and follow my parents.

Within just a few weeks of landing on foreign shores, I managed to bag a very enviable position as equestrian manageress.

Of course, at my age (then just 18) the responsibilities (which included looking after the health and wellbeing of 27 horses, taking on a steep learning curve of veterinary procedures (the nearest vet was a good five-hour drive away), managing stable staff, doing monthly inventories and reports for the owner, stock-taking, leading trail rides, etc) seemed mammoth. Plus, I’d never been in charge before. Not least of myself, really. : )

Anyway, I took on the challenge and one of the most enjoyable times of my life.

I guess I have my parents to thank for pulling it off. My dad for having the skills to take his work abroad. My mum for always telling me that if I believed I could so something strongly enough, then I could do that. To just believe in myself.

That belief is what fuels me to this day. That and knowing I can pull even the most (seemingly) mammoth of challenges that fall before me.

How about you? What’s the bravest thing you ever did that you’re most proud of? What gave you courage to be brave then, that continues to give you courage today?

Join the conversation by leaving a comment on this blog (oh, go on, please divulge all!), or write a fresh post on your own blog, but please do try to put a link/trackback to this post. Thanks – I look forward to reading about your bravery. 🙂


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