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Small Acorns & Information Products 31 October 2007

You’ve probably noticed (or not!) that I have not posted for a while. Well, as luck would have it, I managed to fall off another horse last Wednesday, after having done so earlier this year and broken my back. This time, I got away lightly with just a fractured arm, and some nasty whiplash and tendons/ligaments injuries. Feel sorry for myself? Moi? Oh, go on, then – I’m open to receiving lots of sympathy, preferably accompanied by tea and cake. : )

OK, since I can just about type ope-handedly, here’s a short message to think about:

If you are thinking of selling information products (aka info products) via your website, then I recommend that you take small steps.

Let’s say you’ve already created one or more special reports. Start small my selling them for under £10. The reason for the low price tag is that people are more likely to take a chance on lower-priced items than higher-priced ones . . . at least until they get to know you. Once you have made some sales, received some great feedback and have built up an air of trustworthiness in what you deliver, by all means experiment with your pricing structure by raising prices. But it’s necessary to start out on a humble footing before you can get to the big time.

What about you? Do you sell info products? Write and tell me about what you offer via the comments link below. I love to hear from my readers, and it’s always nice to share news. : )


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