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7-Second Test Could Boost Profits 9 November 2007

Copywriting master John Carlton is renowned for obsessing over every single word he writes, especially when it comes to headlines, which are key to any marketing campaign’s success.

Is he paranoid about using the wrong word? No. Just smart. Because it can take just one word change here and there to boost the responsiveness of your advertising or marketing efforts –– doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your sales or opt-ins.

Professional copywriters know this and, in order to truly understand what makes consumers ‘tick’, will therefore test their headlines, pre-heads, lead sentences and paragraphs, etc, in the market place. Of course, they will only test one change or ‘variable’ at a time.

If you’re not testing your copy, and that includes website content, then you should be. Start by making small improvements to your copy today, and then test each variable to see which pulls best.


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One Response to “7-Second Test Could Boost Profits”

  1. Ali Khan Says:

    That’s what I call Good Advice…

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