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How Buttons Drive Up Sales 27 November 2007

The latest issue of Communiqué for Success is out. It answers such questions as:

• How do ‘hot buttons’ impact on your business?

• Which ultimate resource can increase your sales by as much as 70%?

• How can you make your business words magnetic?

• What is the easiest way to get free advertising?

• How can you ensure your networking pays off?

• What should you do when business slows down?

All the answers (and more) are in the latest newsletter.


Word count for this issue: 1,911
Approximate time to read: About 8 1/2 minutes
Suggested props: Winter Detox Juice or Hot Chocolate


You can see the current and most of the past newsletters in full colour on the web by clicking here To take advantage of subscriber specials, etc, I would highly recommend you sign up to receive your very own copy – which will be sent ahead of public notification. Simply go to click on the “F*REE stuff” link on the top menu.

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