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Cold callers get the cold shoulder 29 November 2007

Companies that employ cold-calling tactics are wasting their time and should be rethinking their marketing strategies, according to Rob Deutrom, managing director of BestQuote Europe, an online specialist in sales lead generation.

Most companies at risk are those who continue to flout established rules and regulations surrounding cold calling and door-step selling.

Rob says: “With cold calling becoming less and less effective, companies have had to come up with new ideas. One solution is to take a ‘quality’ approach to new sales leads. By investing a small sum in good quality leads, companies can get access to consumers who are considering buying a product, who want to be contacted, and want to be quoted. This tactic can help boost companies’ reputations, improve sales and, ultimately, make them more profitable.”

There are methods and technologies available these days enabling new methods that deliver far more effective sales techniques for the industry, he adds.

One of which is the word-of-mouth approach to acquiring new business.  

Source: Creative Match

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One Response to “Cold callers get the cold shoulder”

  1. Great advice and it’s true cold calling is dead.

    Only by taking smart actions you can blast thru all your fears and get what you want.

    Sales is the best profession in the world and to succeed you MUST take action.

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    William Stewart
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