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How to Get Free Professional Consulting 4 January 2008

Here’s a quick tip: Any solid professional will often offer consulting at no cost if you also hire him or her for their professional services.


As an example, when one client commissioned MediaMinister to revamp their entire site’s content, I offered far more than that which they expected.


I suggested specific ideas and some useful marketing tactics, especially as to how their target audience would see things. I pointed out the big benefits that I deemed important to their customers, and suggested a few more, along with ideas on tone, style, and ensuring the copy was thoroughly targeted at their specific market.


The result was that my client was more than happy with the way the project went, was ecstatic about the copy itself, and had a much more engaged audience to boot.


Whereas, I in turn felt fulfilled by the fact that I knew I’d put more than 100% into the project. Satisfied clients, and jobs done well, are paramount to the success of my business. And to my own professional integrity.  


What about you? Do you offer free consulting as part of the job? How do you add value to what you offer?



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5 Responses to “How to Get Free Professional Consulting”

  1. Barbara Bix Says:

    I’m with you! In fact, why not start the relationship with a free session? I do. In my opinion, one of the best ways for consultants to win clients is to offer an opportunity to sample services at no charge. It’s a win/win. The client ascertains that the consultant can add value. The consultant has a chance to decide if he/she wants to work with this client. If they don’t become a client, then perhaps they’ll become a valuable referral source.

  2. Marylin Dean Says:

    Well I must say, I enjoyed reading your material.

  3. […] How to Get Free Professional Consulting […]

  4. Thanks for your valued input Barbara and Marylin.

    Barbara, so true. I actually do offer a free sampling of my services – notably my editing/proofreading services. Details here:

    Also, I offer a free initial consultation.

    Both are without obligation, and have thus far proven extremely valuable with regards to ‘breaking the ice’ and initiating a client/consultant relationship.

    What’s more, like you say, it’s a great way to get the feelers out on a potential client. Working with a prospect in this way can help you determine whether or not they will be an ‘added value’ customer. And vice-versa.

  5. Thanks for writing this, I was searching everywhere for something similar, though this is just as helpful.

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