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Your Best Year Yet + Win a Critique 16 January 2008

The all-new January 2008 edition of ‘Communiqué for Success’ is now online (subscribers get advanced notification). It answers such questions as:

 • How can you make 2008 your best year yet? • What’s the difference between PR and marketing? 
• How can you make a difference to this newsletter? 
• What do you need to do to WIN a website critique? 
• How long do you have to claim your gift from me? 
• How can you get a FREE virtual organiser? 
• What is the key to better online marketing?

All the answers (and more) are in this month’s newsletter.


Word count for this issue: 2,550
Approximate time to read: About 12 minutes
Suggested props: White Hot Chocolate & a Blueberry Muffin – organic, of course

You can see the current and most of the past newsletters by going and clicking on the “F*REE stuff” link on the top menu.

You’ll also find direct links to my blog and other sites.

And it’s all freeeeeeeeeeeee.



 PS – The direct link to the January newsletter is —

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