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Correct Email Etiquette 4 February 2008

  1. Be as careful about spelling, grammar and punctuation as you wold be if you were writing a letter.
  2. Double-check your email before hitting ‘Send’.
  3. Answer important emails promptly. When customers and prospective customers send an email, they are generally looking for a  swift response – try to answer their queries within 48 hours.
  4. Do NOT forward chain letters – apart from not being professional, it will simply waste other people’s time. They tend to ‘clog’ up the information superhighway, too.
  5. DO NOT WRITE IN ALL CAPITALS. It will make you look like you are SHOUTING.
  6. When responding to a forum email, do not simply hit ‘respond’ – especially if you are on digest. Having to scroll down a full history of everyone’s email messages is a huge pain in the you know where. Instead, copy and paste the relevant part of the message you are responding to.  

Source: Start Your Business magazine, issue 15, p28 

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