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Does More Equal Less? 22 February 2008

Blogger Ryan Healey’s recent post, ‘Does Frequent Blogging Encourage Bad Writing?‘, is brewing up a healthy debate in cyberblog land. In particular, with regards to the acceptable level of frequency of blog posts. 

His main point is that some bloggers seem hell bent on whittling off badly written, nonsensical, uninteresting, or just plain boring posts just to say, “Hey, look Google and all you other search engines, I’m blogging every day, so you must come by and see me sometime.” 

He says that far too many people feel compelled to blog every time they have a “brain fart” – and that it is the quality NOT the quantity of blog posts that should be the determining factor.

I agree. In that I’ve stopped reading blogs that keep reeling out more and more posts. Likewise, I’ve stopped reading ezines that land in my inbox daily. My time is of the essence. And so is that of your readers.

So the first thing you absolutely MUST consider – especially when it comes to business blogging – is the preference of your readership. Do they like long, investigative-style blog posts thrice daily, or shorter ones just once per week? Do they want a mixture of the two, but no more than say two-three posts per week? And so on.

Finding out more about your target audience, and their needs and wants is only the first step.

Next, you have to consider your own schedule and reason for blogging in the first instance. There is hardly any point banging out post after post after post on a daily basis if seven months down the line you stop posting for weeks at a time. Consistency, with a few deviations to keep everyone awake is a good thing.

Another crucial factor is added value. Do your posts offer something that is useful, interesting or relevant to your audience? If not, why not?

What about you? What works best for your audience and you?


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2 Responses to “Does More Equal Less?”

  1. Ryan Healy Says:

    Tracey – Thanks for the mention. I really like this advice you give: “Consistency, with a few deviations to keep everyone awake is a good thing.”

    Normally, I don’t blog on the weekend. My readers generally aren’t at their computers on Saturday and Sunday. But one weekend I decided to post anyway to mix it up… and got a ton of feedback!

    So, as you said, I think it is a good idea to switch things up to keep your readers awake.

  2. Bob Evans Says:

    Hi Tracey,

    I’ve fallen by the wayside with my blogging. In fact, i never got started! But what i like about yours is that the posts are always useful and/or interesting.

    You’re right, bloggers should consider there audience before there own personal gain. Of the 5 or so blogs that i subscribe to, not one of them has daily or lengthy posts. One i unsubscribed from used to have really long articles that took forever to read, so i stopped reading them.

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