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8 Tips to Improve Ezine Copy 26 February 2008

  1. As your ezine is free, do not give away your best content (save that for your paid-for service).
  2. Offer the editor’s personal commentary/angle on news of the industry you cover.
  3. Have the editor develop a voice — people respond to people, not organisations.
  4. Use transparency. Show your editorial process (where you’ve been, whom you’ve spoken with, etc). In other words, show, don’t tell.
  5. Return to core themes. Champion your reader’s concerns. Work their deeper emotions. Find solutions.
  6. Show a personal side. Disarm your reader and develop a relationship by throwing in personal information (“While I was riding my bike this weekend, it struck me that…”).
  7. Differentiate yourself in the market. Use this regular contact with readers to develop special ideas and opinions that give you a chance to develop a niche or unique selling proposition.
  8. Use your ezine as a testing facility for new products. Ask for feedback. Offer teaser versions of new products and see what kind of response you get.

Source: Nic Laight, Fleet Street Publications / SEPA

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2 Responses to “8 Tips to Improve Ezine Copy”

  1. Good tips! Regarding the tip #1 you have to take care not to publish poor quality content only because it’s a free version. You need your subscribers, don’t you? Some of the subscribers to your free version pay you for your content when they buy advertising space in your ezine (if you sell) or when they purchase your products or other people products (when you insert affiliate links in your ezine).

  2. I totally agree. It follows that old adage: “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” Adding value to what you offer your subscribers and prospects by way of free content means an ezine that is relevant AND useful.

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