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English Corner: Which Is It? 29 February 2008

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One of the most common English-language errors I come across in any kind of writing – whether business, creative, or blog writing – is mixing up it’s with its.

Put simply, its denotes that “it” is a possessive pronoun. It means, more or less, “of it” or “belonging to it”. For example, “She gave the dog its bone.”

Never, ever add an apostrophe (to make it’s) when you are using its in this context. Just don’t. It is plain wrong. The ONLY time you need use it’s is when you are contracting the words it and is, or when it and has are been used together. For example, “It’s sunny outside.” Or, “It’s been known to rain a lot in February.”It is that simple!  

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4 Responses to “English Corner: Which Is It?”

  1. connie dutton Says:

    I just wish that her and Papa were here to see my progress.

    Is this sentence correctly written?

  2. Hi Connie

    Almost! As it stands, no, I’m afraid it isn’t correct. It should read:

    “I just wish that she and Papa were here to see my progress.”

  3. ramita Says:

    i had a doubt
    ll it be-
    myself and my friends went to the mall to hang out.
    i and my friends went to the mall to hang out.

  4. Hi Ramita

    Thanks for stopping by. Please note my NEW blog address (I haven’t posted to this one for quite some time now):

    To answer your query, neither are correct, I’m afraid. Your sentence should read:

    “My friends and I went to the mall to hang out.”

    Hope this helps.


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